Roswell Park Summer Research Internship Program in Cancer Science

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High school, college and health professional students: If cancer research or a PhD degree is your career goal, begin your journey this summer at one of the world’s first cancer centers.

When: Monday, June 1 – Friday, August 7, 2015
Where: Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY
About: Are you a college junior contemplating a research career choice that includes graduate school?Then consider an internship that gives you a first-hand cancer research experience by working full-time on an independent project.

Act fast — the deadline to apply is Saturday, January 10, 2015

Learn more and access the application on the Roswell Park Summer Program Website!


CUR Physics and Astronomy REU program

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CUR REU Website
Deadline: Feb. 20, 2015

Research Topics/Keywords: Accelerator Physics, Observational and Computational Astronomy, Materials Science, Optics

Description: This REU program focuses on providing research experiences to undergraduates who have either not had a research experience or are at an institution where research opportunities are not available for undergraduates. Students from community colleges are encouraged to apply. Women and students from traditionally underrepresented groups are also encouraged to apply.


Globalfoundries Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program

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We are pleased to announce the GLOBALFOUNDRIES Undergraduate Research Scholarship program. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, in partnership with the Semiconductor Research Corporation Education Alliance, is offering several one year (approx. 9 month) scholarships, up to $5,000 per scholarship award.

Students will have an opportunity to interact with GLOBALFOUNDRIES researchers, engage on campus and access the professional resources of the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and the SRC Education Alliance.

This opportunity is available to US citizens or those who hold permanent right to work in the US, are a rising 3rd or 4th year undergraduate in the listed disciplines. Veterans, New York residents, students at NY universities, and women are encouraged to apply. To access the online application and learn more, check out the Globalfoundries Website.

Deadline for application submission is February 13, 2015. Questions should be sent to with “GLOBALFOUNDRIES Scholarship” in the subject line.


Amgen Scholars Program at Harvard

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Interested in Biotechnology?
Check out the Amgen Scholars Program at Harvard!

Harvard University has been named one of ten U.S. institutions that will be offering a ten-week Amgen Scholars Program in the summer of 2015. This new Harvard program, with an emphasis on biotechnology research, will afford a diverse cohort of rising undergraduate juniors and seniors the opportunity to work in laboratories of faculty across the Harvard universe, including the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Division of Medical Sciences at Harvard Medical School. In addition to an engaging, formative research experience, Harvard-Amgen Scholars will live among over 300 undergraduates residents of the Harvard Summer Undergraduate Research Village community in one of the historic Houses along the Charles River.

The deadline to submit complete applications is Monday, February 2, 2015. More information about the Harvard-Amgen Scholar Program, as well as eligibility criteria and the application process may be found here. The Amgen Scholars Program website, which includes information about all of the U.S. and international programs available this coming summer may be found here.


Congratulations to our Undergraduate Research Award Winners!

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The CURCA Staff would like to congratulate the winners of the November 2014 Undergradute Research Awards. (Remember if you missed this past deadline, there’s another one coming up on February 4!

Effects of Ethanol on Brain Injury: Role of Microglial Migration: Sushobhna Batra with Dr. Richard Rabin
Analyzing & Restoring Bronze Age Ceramics from Seyitomer Hoyuk: Ashley Cercone with Dr. Peter Biehl
Combustion Characterization of PMMA and Bio-Blocks: Steven Coffed with Dr. Paul DesJardin
Pro-Inflammatory TNF & HMGB-1 Increase During Diabetic Neuropathy: Nicole Coloney with Dr. Tracey Ignatowski
3D Cement Printing Technology Development: Sardar Elias with Dr. Deborah Chung
Kinematic Analysis of a Robotic Arm for Remote Control Applications: Michael Bill, Daniel Christian, Livio Forte, Andrew Frauens, Akshay Gupta, and Hao Li with Dr. Jennifer Zirnheld
Effect of Aspartate Supplementation on Hormone Levels in Athletes: Taylor Furst and Zach LaMacchi with Dr. Peter Horvath
Utilizing MFC Actuators in UAVs: Walker Gosrich, Javier Yu, and Daniel Buckmaster with Dr. Amin Karami
Assessment of TNF Production by Peritoreal Macrophage: James Hawkins with Dr. Tracey Ignatowski
Understanding Osteoporosis: Yoochan Hong, Erika Barrientos de Moraes, and Lindsay Ponto with Dr. Shuising Yang
Assessment of TNF in the brain and Neurogenesis: Muhammad Jaffari with Dr. Tracey Ignatowski
Toward Practical 3D Metal Printing: Debrup Laha and Ansh Pandey with Dr. Deborah Chung
Nano Calcium Sulfate Coating of Implant Materials: Tyler Laurel with Dr. Rosemary Dziak
Determining the Role of SULF2 Regulation on mouse OPC Differentiation: Aberlee Milliron with Dr. Fraser Sim
Alternative Techniques for Small Space Gardening: Kelley Mosher, Rebecca Oaks, Philip Chan, and Amanda Low with Danielle Vegas
FPGA Based Closed-Loop Control System for Planetary Rover Design: Gabrielle Gosset, Alex Horn, Tomasz Pietruszka and Kyle Zalud with Dr. Jennifer Zirnheld
Utilization of Dental Services at a Long-Term Care Facility: Marc Salme with Dr. Frank Scannapieco
Chromatin Structure Effects on Mismatch Repair: Megan Schmit with Dr. Jennifer Surtees
Developing a Luciferase Assay to Assess wNT & BMP Signaling: Hani Shauya with Dr. Fraser Sim
The Effect of dNTP Alterations on Genome Stability: Jessica Smith with Dr. Jennifer Surtees
Unmanned Surface Vehicle Control System: Thiru Vikram Suresh, Ajit Bhat, and Daniel Hall with Dr. Bina Ramamurthy
Structural Health Monitoring Using UAVs: Steven Sutton, Brian LeFloch, Dale Baran, Samuel Pawkykm and Andrew Dexheimer with Dr. Manoranjan Majji
Investigating the Effects of Paraquat Induced Oxidative Stress on Axonal Transport Claire Thant with Dr. Shermali Gunawardena
The Methionine Salvage Pathway in Prostate Cancer: Irianna Torres with Dr. Dominic Smiraglia
Cold War Ideology or Corporate Profit: Lauren Wehner with Dr. Tamara Thornton
Research on Tubular Space Frames for Off-Road Vehicle Applications: Zachery Willis, Spencer Heyden, George Melero, and Nicholas Lanzano with Dr. Edward Kasprzak
Diagnosis of Thermal responses of LNT-Catalysts: Henry Kwan with Dr. Jihyung Yoo
Mobile Card Patterns of UB Card Transactions: Nicholas DelGobbo, Xiao Li, Kwangil Suh, and Jingyan Yang with Dr. Jee Eun Kang
MR Compatible Brain Vasculature Flow Phantom: Steven Fatscher, Kyle Mentkowski, and Michael Herr with Dr. Ferdinand Schweser
Study of Mechanical Forces During Nitinol Stent Catheter Loading: Jessica Glauber, Diana Rudz, Erica Marron, and Kayleigh Miller with Dr. Ciprian Ionita
Development of a Multi-Modality Imaging QA Phantom for Gamma-Knife Radiosurgery: Alexander Podgorsak and Eric Ghiandoni with Dr. Matthew Podgorsak
Optimizing Effects of Brain Stimulation: Lauren Roberts and Nicolette Scerra with Dr. Richard Ohrbach
Design of a Body Weight Reducing Treadmill: Gregory Salamone, Joshua Reich, and Kaitlynn Olczak with Dr. Andrew Ray
Endovascular Hydraulic Resistance Measurement Device: Asmah Shafie, Erin Giangreco, Nalini Gadkary, and Nikita Kumar with Dr. Ciprian Ionita
Associations between Oral and Systemic Health in Long-Term Care Residents: Summar Amin with Dr. Frank Scannapieco


‘Space Bulls’ to design, build and test Mars rover-like vehicle

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Good Luck to our Engineering Teams from UB!
Two Space Bulls Teams comprised of UB students were recently funded through the CURCA Undergraduate Research Awards.

We hope this funding helps you achieve your goals with this competition!


Celebration of Student Academic Success Date Change!

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11th Annual Celebration of Student Academic Success Date Change
The Celebration will now take place on the afternoon of Thursday, April 16. More information to follow!


NURDS 2015 & The Presidential Award for Distinguished Teaching

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NURDS 2015
The 7th Annual Northeast Undergraduate Research & Development Symposium (NURDS) will be held at the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine from March 7-8. UNE invites undergraduates engaged in independent research in all fields to attend! Registration closes February 16, so be sure to check out the website if you’re interested!

Nominations Open!
Nominate an outstanding professor for the President Emeritus and Mrs. Meyerson Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Mentoring! The deadline is December 15, so be sure to submit yours soon!