2017-2018 Keck Geology Consortium Undergraduate Research Projects

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The 2017-2018 Keck Geology Consortium projects involve a mix of field and laboratory research experiences that make meaningful scientific contributions in the areas of structural geology, paleontology and paleoecology, and paleoclimatology as well as igneous and metamorphic petrology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, and hydrogeology. Keck Geology Consortium research has resulted in more than 300 presentations at regional and national meetings, the vast majority with student co-authors, and more than 50 publications in peer-reviewed journals including a GSA Special paper (377).

The program for declared majors includes 4 weeks of summer research (field and/or lab work depending on the project), continuing research during the academic year (jointly advised by a project faculty member and a research advisor at the students home institution), and a publication in the annual Keck Geology Consortium proceedings volume.  Gateway students participate in a 5 week summer program.  Students receive a $500/summer week stipend and typically all travel and living expenses are provided for.

This year an exciting range of projects in many different sub-disciplines (climate change, petrology, geomorphology, volcanology, geochemistry, structure, geochronology, paleontology and more) are being offerred. View project descriptions at

The application deadline is February 15, 2017.